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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  September 21, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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s >> sunday night i'm sarah bloomquist. >> i'm walter perez. >> and the big story is developing in delaware a tour bus over turned in newcastle with deadly results. >> this is the scene as emergency crews set up triage along state route 1 to treat dozens that were injured. helicopters airlifted the most seriously hurt. one woman is dead. ken is live outside christiana hospital in newark where many victims are treated tonight, kenneth. sarah we learned from delaware
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state police that bus was opened and operated by new york city company amusa express. passengers say they were heading from maryland to new york when the crash happened and state police are still trying to confirm that detail and that route and this is all -- >> they were in shock and indeed walking wounded. first responders worked quickly to treat and transport dozens of passengers that survived this crash in newcastle. >> it was a lot of people screaming for help. a lot were bleeding and it was hard to take in all at once. >> crews pulled up on the scene southbound ramp to 113. this unmarked tour pus lost control of open the ramp and flipped all 50 on board were hurt and two children a woman trapped under the bus died on the scene. >> unfortunately there were people screaming different languages and communication gap between us when we went to the
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bus we found people were underneath and trying to get out. >> crews and a friend grabbed a first aid kit and helped until crews arrived to air lift and transport others to ambulance to five hospitals in the county. >> this is where first restoppeder come together, fire, ems, police, they all come together and first rye priority is triage those patients. >> detours caused major delays on 20 mile backup route 1 northbound as investigators looked into the cause. >> we're now examining that scene. it's on e. off ramp on a curve to determine why the bus overturned. we have a good idea what we're looking at. we need to confirm through facts and evidence at the scene. >> he'll never forget. >> life is fragile one moment i was on the bus and next everyone is screaming and in pain. >> and crews say drivers including himself have experienced problems on that curve.
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state police are working with nsb to investigate the crash tonightch the identity of the woman was not released. ken, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> thank you, kenneth. >> road problems were removed from around the community in northeast pennsylvania where the manhunt for eric frein have continued. state police up dated media earlier and revealed they found a number of items they believe were left behind by frein including ak-47 and ammunition and they say they are closing in. >> all of the information we v. whether sightings or items we found, whether it's information coming back from the trackers, we have strong reason to believe that we're in the right area. >> now, police do not believe frein plans ongoing after civilians they think he's only interested in targeting lawen rs forcement. he's wanted for killing a straight trooper and wounding another. >> nurses at corzer-chester
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started a two day strike in dispute over staffing, pay and pension. and "action news" reporter amy buckman has this report from upland. >> what do we want -- >> crozer medical center 550 unionizeed nurses walked off leaving the hospital to be staffed by replacement thursday nurses. tlaevr been hired for five days. the union says they only plan to strike for two. >> we have licensed, well trained experienced nurses here caring for our patient and will continue to do that throughout the duration of the strike. >> striking nurses say the main issue is concern about staffing levels and hospital main tapes staffing levels are above national arms. >> we keep telling everybody staffing is within 50% tile for the nationfy got a 50% i would not be a nurse. it's not good enough.
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>> real issue is salaries. corzer-chester rns make average 103,000 a year and financial challenges means cuts are needed. >> it's fair to ask our nurses to get a sustainable wage when their colleagues throughout crozer keystone have had a wage freeze for the last two years. >> administration is not listening to their concerns. >> we get paid well. we get paid i think what is appropriate. and it has not been about the money. we have not asked for a raise. this has been about unsafe staffing. getting right people at the bedside to take care of patients we get here. >> both sides are set to return to negotiating tuesday. in the meantime union set the rally here outside the hospital 5:30 tomorrow evening. in upland, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> meteorologist mole melissa magee here with accuweather. here to tell us about showers starting to pop up.
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>> that's right, sarah, walter, we're tracking showers mainly west of philadelphia. we'll show what you is going on stormtracker 6 double scan radar most of the viewing area is dry and to our north and west from the poconos to lancaster we are tracking a couple spotty showers. so, we'll go in tighter. are you notice some activity just to the south of allentown moving to quake are town and along i 46 also pottstown, norris ton, mall verp and pottsville. it's in association of a cold front working east ward and clearing overnight. check out temperatures ahead of the front along the 95 core doctor. temperatures new york to washington d.c. in the 70s. but 60s from buffalo to pittsburgh and that cooler air is coming our way. we'll talk about what is ahead and clouds on the way tonight we're tracking a stray thunder shower and it's about the fist week of fall as we say good-bye to summer at least the first -- last weekend of summer coming to close tonight. details with the accuweather 7-day.
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>> a former janitor seekry videotaping students at a high school in south jersey avoided prison time. he'll serve 120 days of house arrest and five years probation. the 43-year-old pleaded guilty in october to placing hidden camera ares around gloucester catholic high school before quitting in november 201 2. he must recommendster and pay restitution to two victims. >> police if philadelphia looking for the gunman that opened fire in olney killing two and critically wounding two others. shattered gas and bullet casings littered the crime scene north park avenue. vehicletors say there was an argument in the moments before the gunfire. investigators recovered a gun at the scene ander is. continues for the person responsible. meantime the driver of pickup truck will not be charged in a deadly accident involving a pedestrian in hunting park overnight and the victim sergio via walked out between two cars
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4600 block of northive fifth street and into the path of a truck. he later died at a hospital. the case is being investigated and nothing more than the tragic accident. >> out of our delaware newsroom mark police are looking for the person that held up two university of delaware students walking southbound college avenue 7:30 when approached with a man by a gunch the suspect demand student cell phones and took off. call newark police have you have information. >> also out of delaware detectives released these surveillance photos of the suspect accused in two ars open atepts. they believe the man tried to start two fires 100 block victoria court early yesterday morning. they're urging investigators to make sure windows and doors remain locked and report suspicious activity to 911.
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>> starting the season 3-0. today's game got chipy. washington redskins with former eagle desean jackson came ready to play and this game had it all. big plays, vocal crowd, late game melee and two he ex jexs that happened in fourth quart wher tackle chris baker took a cheap shot at nick foles and that sparked a fight along the sidelines and fans didn't mind. >> i thought a hockey game broke out. >> that's not acceptable. >> that was an awesome game. every game was down to the choir wireone of the best there. >> eagles win by 3, 37-34. jeff will be here in a few minutes with highlight and player reaction. >> very sighting. >> "action news" at 10 parents of missing uva student make a plea for the daughter's stave return. >> thousands march through manhattan as a effort to shed lights on clay matt change. >> one day ahead of schedule these guys ring in fall with
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>> one day ahead of schedule these guys ring in fall with clouds at ats so brian at citizens said one deposit a month waves the monthly maintenance fee. he's so good to me. mom! this is amazing! i know. no fee. no. brian at citizens bank. he gave you a special deal? he's into you. sounds like it's time to get back out there. honey, anyone can get one deposit checking. besides, he's younger than your brother. eww. you got that right. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee. >> the parentsp missing uva
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student they made an estimate today and said they are living through every parents worst
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nightmare. >> i want to bring her home safely. anybody who knows anything please, please help us. >> she was scene early last saturday morning and police say she was with a man named jessie matthew. he spoke to police yesterday for an hour and left the police station driving at a high rate of speed. he's sought on arrest warrants charging him with reckless driving. they searched his car and are awaiting results of forensic testing. >> 22 homes and buildings were destroyed by a fast moving king wildfire burning in northern karen california and the inferno are scorched miles of area. the plumes are so big this is what it looks like from outer space. firefighters say the wildfire is only about 0% contained. >> steps of thousandsch people marched through the streets of new york city today bringing attention to climate change.
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>> today's people climate march brought advocates together for what they hoped would be a largest demonstration for ev in history. this comes two days before united nations climate summit to push for global treaty by the end of next year. secretary general joined the crowd. >> it's a does he fining issue of our time and there's no time to lose if we do not take action new, we will have to pay much more. >> similar 345rchs were held in better behind lynn, london and rio dedegenaro. >> in the wake as you wake up tomorrow morning these temperatures defendant in thely cooler than normal hi in the city 79.
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72 in philadelphia, trenton 70. allentown, lehigh valley, 6 we're getting light showers moving through. reading 68 along the coast from beach haven to sea sea isle city temperatures holding at 70. what we're tracking here is weak little frontal boundary starting to make progress to the east. showers, a thunderstorm likely across area in upstate new york and also moving down across areas in pennsylvania and through mid at laptic reeming don't. this works its way east ward. a lot of of activity is north and west of the 95 corridor and will continue to trickle on through as we progress through the rest of tonight. we you have covered. future tracker 6 showing showingy and light showers tonight. into the a lot to the cold front that moves on through. as we get into the overnight hours you can see after 2:00 in the morning the clouds will start to dissipate from west, east direction and clearing and quietet companies on the way fort start of the workweek. check out numbers. in philadelphia, 72. but if you look closely you can
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almost carve out that cooler air, 58 currently in chicago and 64 st. louis and 6 in cincinnati. so what happened to a piece of this cooler air as it works way northwest to southeast direction as early as tomorrow. so if you're out and about mostly sunny and cooler, north and west of town. temperature allentown 6, 68 reading and 68 in downingtown and along the 95 corridor cooler. this is the big difference tomorrow, sunny, breezy, less humid, temperature 68 in middletown for high tem you're and along the coast from toms river to cape may, temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. we say good-bye to summer tonight and hello to the first week of fall. all those details will be coming up in the full and exclusive accuweather 7-day, walter. >> neighbors had a great time for a good cause in bensalem. 9 it took place polanka park.
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it was during celebration of russian speaking culture. all benefit program hope an organization that serves and products people with dis3weu89s. olaf from frozen was spotted happening aroundp peddlers village today in bucks county he was joined by a host of other character for the annual scarecrow festival. visitors got a chance to check out scarecrow designs including this one designs that look like roll of life safer as perptly this one designs that look like roll of life safer as perptly and garden variety
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the pavement in morning in the rock and role half more thon. 1.1 mile race started eakins official in philadelphia. runners from all 50 states and dozen countries took part today. those runners raised money for local charities. plenty of people got down and dirty today in middletown, delaware. this was the 6th annual delaware mudd run benefiting leak i'mia research foundation.
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teams of four raised through the mudd course that included plenty of obstacles. >> time for a check on sports. let's go live, jeff skversky in the "action news" sports center with a big one for the eagles, jeff. >> big writtener now, former eagle receiver desean jackson said he was not returning to philadelphia today to be buddy bud we why former tem mates and no friends on this field not in this day. old fashioned rivalry at stake and things get so headed a fight breaks out on the field at the linc. desean jackson returns to the linc desean who, gets heated with former star early on jackson pushing back and form with secondary and still don't remember? how about this? late third, kurt cousins 81 yard touchdown and jackson fews 27. things get heated in the fourth, nick foles takes a cheap shot from chris baker and starts a huge fight. jason peters goes after peters.
10:22 pm
kelly thought a hockey brawl broke out. foles finished the fight on the field, tied 2 on the fourth and jeremy maclin takes a touchdown catch, eagles win, 3-34 there. first time in history to start 3-0 despite trailing by ten points in each game. >> nick stood in there today. i said before about him and knew it when i played against him in college he will snand there he's a tough sucker he got hit a lot today. it's a victory division victory. we'll take. it. >> during games like that we lien ob each other instead of blaming each other. and that's what football should be about. it should be a family feel. you go into work each and every day with these guys and on the field of battle playing the football game you want to have each other's backs and today we did. >> what a finish by nick foles and the eagles they're 3-0 for the first time since super bowl season ten years ago. 2004 more
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coming up with the eagles later in the show. locker room report with jamie apody. for now live in the sports center, jeff skversky, "channel 6 action news" on phl17. >> sounds good. thank you you, jeff. >> the materials to perform hundreds of experiments are on way to the international space station. station x dragon lifted off this morning and the capsule is packed with 20 mice, 250 experiment packages and first 3d prinltner space. meantime nasa maiden sparecraft is on track to reach mars after meantime nasa maiden sparecraft is on[ male announcer ]rs after automotive innovation starts...
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you saw came down in spectacular fashion this weekend. they demolished the bridge in a series of controlled explosions the foundation of the overpass was badly damaged when a tanker truck slammed into it last month. >> a beer tasting cruise was cut short yesterday. it ran aground near the statue of liberty. fortunately, none of the 121 people on board was injured and it did take about 90 minutes for coastguard and new york city fire fighters to get those passengers back on dry land. no word tonight on what caused the mishap. >> coming up in the next half
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hour of "action news" we'll have an update on the deadly tour bus crash in newcastle, delaware. >> and also he jumped a fence and made it inside the whitehouse. now officials say they also once served our country. new information on the served our country. new information on the whitehouse >> nydia han attention families we have the latest test results >> nydia han attention families to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator. this is crazy i don't get it, this one is working ladies, shouldn't up be as fast as down?
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developing news a tour bus crash in newcastle, delaware claimed the life of a woman and left dozens injured. "action news" was on the scene shortly after it happened. route 1 to 13 when it over turned around 4:00 this afternoon. 50 passengers were on board. there were so many injured in fact, first responders actually set up triage units on the scene. the bus was haded from maryland to new york and "action news" learned the bus is owned by am, us saxt sxees in new york city and the people that witness the crash jumped in and tried to help the wounded. >> there were people screaming different languages and there was a communication gap between us and when we got closer we saw they were under the bus.
10:30 pm
>> people were taken to all five hospital in the area. they are working to determine why the driver lost control. >> manhunt for eric matthew sfreen about to enter 9th day. officials are fork using on a corner of north east pennsylvania and say they found new clues, karen travers has the light heest open the search. >> eric frein eluded capture and they are hot on his trail and found more crews. >> they were recovered whether dropped or left we believe he had with him at the time of this shooting. >> the 31-year-old survivalist is staff of a massive manhunt. a trooper was killed during a barrage of gunfire. >> the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. >> police are focused on heavily wooded area 250 square miles where residents are on edge.
10:31 pm
>> helicopters that's all you here on and off and at night it intensifies. >> some are arming themselves when what they can. >> right now i have a machete. >> many are using an app that let's them listen in. >> i want to know what is going on they don't have enough information. >> there is no indication frein is threat general public. >> he's had every opportunity to harm others if he chose to do so his fight is with law enforcement. >> a fight they say frein has been planning for a long time. >> i believe he has been surveillanceing the station for extended period of time and i think he has made extensive 34re7 rations. >> they rekovrd a rifle frein was carrying. they don't know if it's the gun he used in the shooting. karen travers, "action news" at 10 for phl17.
10:32 pm
>> an nypd officer crashed, 25-year-old michael williams was ejected on impact and pronounced dead at the scene. 8 officers inside the van were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. no other vehicles involved. officers were headed from bronx to manhattan along the buckner expressway. no word why the driver lost control. >> four men were sent to the hospital after this crash early this morning. detectives say the driver was traveling down the 2400 block which he lost control and slammed into a utility pole. collision was strong enough to eject passengers on to the road and snap that pole in half. it's not clear why the driver lost control. >> cleanup continues tonight in central pennsylvania after a train derailed on the way to wilmington. officials in altoona say the wreck wreckage may not be cleared until tomorrow and total of 27 norfolk southern railroad cars dropped the track yesterday
10:33 pm
morning. ten were damaged beyond repair. they were hauling cars. no one was injured but tracks were damaged. >> delaware state police wants you to take a good look at this patient. joshua venable the 19-year-old wept missing milford delaware overnight. troopers say there is a real concern for his safety and welfare. venible is 5' 5", 125 pounds if you see him contact the state police immediately. >> nurses at crozer chester he did mappeded hospital add to their ranks. 500 of hospital yours walked off the job 7:00 this morning and been working without a contract since june and wanted to see more nurses hired to help them cover patient needs. it becomes unsafe as far as taking care of patients. there's not enough nurses and people at the bedside. >> it's not something we wanted to do. this is something we had to do. >> and meantime corzer-chester says staffing levels are fan in fact they say levels are above
10:34 pm
the national average. they say the real issue is salary cuts due to recent financial challenges and replacement nurses were hired for a five-day period. to keep the hospital operational. >> melissa magee now here with accuweather after a humid day. some people starting to see showers tonight. >> north and west of philadelphia we're finding light activity drifting to the city now and moves out just in time for start of the workweek. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar showing you it's quit quiet for the most part south and eat of philadelphia and we have light showers from the poconos down to allentown and reading and lancaster and a little bit of activity getting close to 95 corridor. if you step out now you may notice sprinkle or activity moving into philadelphia. we'll talk about that in a moment. outside we go. sky6 live in hd as we give you a shot of center city sky line on this sunday night. a fair amount of cloud cover overhead and we're tracking cold front that moves in west to east direction tonight. and as you look at the numbers
10:35 pm
north and wet of town and slatington, 65. fleetwood 65. pottstown upper 60s and septemberer city at this hour 70 after high today in philadelphia of 79 degrees. as we are finally saying good-bye to the last weekend of summer you had that touch of humidity in the air and all that is changing later tonight and during the overnight hours and sdun across energy until, browns mills, 68, cinnaminson 70. hockessin 69 and dover and smyrna lower 7 0s. here's satellite 6 and action radar broken line of showers moving west to east direction now approaching areas in eastern pennsylvania also into new jersey and with that overhead we have to allow fora little bit of activity. this moves off the coast later on tonight n and during the overnight hours and there's cooler air lurking just to our norm and west. in fact, check out these numbers north and west of our region through the great lakes and ohio valley. sue st. marie, 49, 47 in green
10:36 pm
bay wisconsin and across michigan frost advisory in effect. we'll get that cold across our queeming yn tonight and tapping into a piece of cooler air tomorrow morning. future tracker 6 has you covered. 6:00 in the morning temperatures upper 50s, lower 60s along the 95 corridor and nontime hard pressed to get out of 60s across much of the viewing area. big changes on the way and in fact tomorrow, at least tomorrow night chingt we're seeing hello to fall. the autumnal he question not beginning monday, 10:29 when raise ra over the equator and big change in the forecast as well. we you have covered with the forecast if you walk out the door tomorrow. mostly sunny. and you might want to grab rather a light jacket that temperature at 6 a.m., 64 degrees. 66 is the number at:00 in the morning. and here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. breezy, cooler monday, high temperature 71.
10:37 pm
fall beginning at 10:29 p.m. on tuesday sunny and nice high temperature 72 and high of 75 and thursday dry and quiet with little activity across the region and high temperature thursday, 72. we'll start to warm up by friday. high of 78. saturday, and sunday, temperatures will be in the lower 80s. so big changes on the way. first week of fall. certainly will feel like it. >> okay, melissa, thank you. >> in phoenixville a new memorial unveiled today honoring fallen soldiers from pennsylvania. it's a dutout of lean service person saluting. the tribute is on the grounds of freedom foundation at valley forge. >> still to come on "action news" at 10, 10:30 i should say. >> dozens of strangers rush to help a group of teenagers after their suv rolls off a cliff. we have the dramatic video does and feel free to call them the come back kids.
10:38 pm
birds maybe nfl history during the third win of the schbility birds maybe nfl history during the third win of the schbility jeff skversky has highlight
10:39 pm
10:40 pm
>> in salt lake city utah they worked to get teenagers out of a
10:41 pm
car that went off a cliff and into the river of the driver was stuck behind the wheel. they couldn't get him through the window and with no other option they teamed up to roll the 3,000 pound vehicle back ton wheels. >> when we did turn the vehicle over there was no movement from him for another five minutes. >> the fire crews on the scene tried toud pry the young man free. he remains in serious condition tonight but alive thanks to actions of strangeers that wanted to help. >> the search continues tonight for inmate who escaped from a central california jail on friday night. four men who also got over the walls at madera county jail were called on after spending 24 hoursen the run they were behind bars aement texted murder to armed rocky. one 29-year-old is still at large. jail officials are investigating how the men managed to get out. >> man who made his way into the whitehouse friday night is expected in tral court tomorrow.
10:42 pm
omar gonzalez is accused of scaling fence and entering executive mansion with knife in his pocket. army says the 42-year-old texas veteran served three tours in iraq before retiring due to disability in 2012. his family says he posed no threat and needs counseling instead of prosecution. they say he suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. >> jeff joins us with lie lights and the birds big win. >> this pastor was packing heat. tonight talking about the take down of the thief stealing from his front door. >> don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team and get the top news headlines with
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>> today marks a year from a terror attack at a mall in kenya. a plaque wphl called it redevelopth for kenya military operations in somalia. it took days for security to bring it to at end.
10:46 pm
westgate mall remains closed. >> the pontiff said moderate muslims and islamic leaders need to condemn screamist that pervert and justify relimingon to promote violence. the pontiff went on top appraisal bayneia for serving as model of inter faith harmony. >> tonight we're hearing from texas pastor that used a pistol to teach a thief thousand shall not steal. lori furgeson was stealing packages from the pastor's home. he set up fake boxes and she took the bait. holmes was waiting and took her down to teach her a lesson. >> the only way to get her attention gun on the face and walking out on the ground or i'll shoot you.
10:47 pm
>> holmes called police and pipd her to the ground until officers arrived. they found two grand children in her car. search of home turned up 28 stolen items be belonging to holmes and his. >> 3-0 looking good. >> no one has any nails left right. every game gets -- >> i had no doubt. >> i had no items left. >> the eagles like to fight back. they're the first team in history to start 3-0 and though fallen behind ten point or more in every game. they like to fight back so much a brawl breaks out with washington today. eagles, redskins physical from the gecko. jevrpingz inand allen on the first drive. eagles fall behind. it lasts two seconds on kickoff chris polk 102 yard return in first. we're all tied 7. it's first touchdown in first
10:48 pm
half this year by the way. at the end eagles fall behind, down 6, ten seconds left in the half nick foles in nick of time and jordan matthews up 1 at the half. eagles up 7 an a third kurt cousins 81 yards to desean jackson ties it at 27. kerry williams beat on the play, woo, not happy. this really upsets eagles in the fourth watch out foles takes a cheap shot from chris baker it starts a huge fight. jason pieceers products his quarterback going after baker. foles says he loves peters to death. both baker and peters thrown out. foles picked up and fights back later on the drive to jeremy maclin go ahead 27 yard touchdown eagles up 34-27 and kick desean and skins where it
10:49 pm
counts. cody parkey. 51 yarder. eagles win 37-34. 3-0 first time since super bowl season ten years ago. jamie apody has more on wild win over washington. >> emotional win sparked by a moment with both teams let emotions get the best of them. afterwards all the talk about the mini melee, fight lon the field. >> i seen him cheap shot him and i took off after him. >> it's one thing to see the quarterback get hit and it's not thing get hit dirty. it was dirty. >> my teammates will fight for me i won't get down i'll step up. it's not pride. it's i know those guys depend on me i get up for them. >> i said it before about him and you any it when i played against him 24 college he will stand in there he's a tough sucker and got hit a lot today. >> foles former favorite target made his return to the field and end zone.
10:50 pm
>> obviously he looked good. i don't see him worrying about me and i don't worry about them. so i'm happy where i'm at. i have opportunities to play. you know, washington team rivals so being here you know signed a pretty good deal. i have a lot of opportunities to play between theps. >> eagles didn't miss jackson's presence, matthews and maclin did one heck of a job filling his void. >> today we hit. i think the previous two weeks there were plays to be made and we didn't hit. that's football. you know, but i think the most important stat right now is we're 3-0. >> rookie jordan matthews held up the game career of the night. for "action news" at 10 on phl17 aim jamie apody at lincoln financial field. >> eagles undefeated but not everyone happy afterwards. corner kery will yulz critical of chip kelly. they're working hard in practice
10:51 pm
and not enough energy on game day. slow to start games. no way. phillies oak land, jimmy rollings still with hamstring injury write. can only pay pictures this weekend. phils start fighting oak land and rbi single ties 6 and go to extra innings and miguel alfredo gonzalez in and donaldson out. phils lose 8-6. lost 6 of 8 they're off tomorrow and start up siris in miami tuesday and season ends week from today. thank goodness. >> really thank you. >> one of philadelphia's favorite athletes received the davis award of excellence tonight in manyunk. mo'ne davis accepted the reward. she and locals young singer he and cam anthony were honrd for stayed fingtness and growth of future professional endeavors. >> time for consumer report the latest research shows children are safest inside a vehicle if
10:52 pm
kept if rear fashioning car seat until the age of 2. but, most kids will out grow infant seats earlier. consumer reporter nydia han has advice. >> when your children out grow the infant car seats it's important you make the switch to a rear facing convertible seat and consumer reports has the beg changes. >> for newborns infant car seats are best option they provide the best fit or convenience and it's safest option for babies years old. infant seats display the hite and weight limits. pay particular ar attention to the hite limit they'll grow too tall before they reach the weight limit. >> the simulated 35 mile an hour crash test shows how jarring a be for seats that do well. >> when children are injured any smoke crashes it's mostly to the head. that happens when they contact something usually in the vehicle interior like front seat back. you can imagine as they get
10:53 pm
taller and closer to the edge of the shell of the seat it becomes more of a risk. >> consumer reports tested 33 convertible seats high deal one your child out grows a seat. they all passed simulated 30 mile app hour crash test and were also assessed how well they fit in vehicles and how easy they are to use. top ratings went to chico next fit for 280. consumer reports recommend all bright tax convertible seats it tested arrange in price from 1 45 to britext around about and to 200 for the brytex advocate and even flo for 1 0 0. >> children should remain in car or booster seat until a safety belt fits properly. that won't
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>> eagles fans in florida list end to the game. this guy hopped on the bar when the "action news" song came on. eagles and "action news" fans are everywhere.
10:57 pm
>> time for a check of the accuweather forecast and say bye-bye to summertime. >> bye-bye to summer it's cooler tomorrow you notice a difference. 8:00 tractor-trailer morning, 68 little to no humidity. 2:00, 70. and 71, 5:00 in the evening. moym david murphy will have the latest tomorrow morning on 6abc. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us tonight on "action news" at 10. election 2014 in focus is next followed by friend. >> for melissa magee, jeff skversky and sarah bloomquist, have
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>> this is election 2014 "in focus," an in-depth look at the races affecting the philadelphia region. now, your host, steve highsmith. race fors before the governor is intensified. hello. i am steve highsmith. in a moment, i talked to governor tom corbett. the governor's race. democratic and republican effort -- experts weigh in. votingaplan has critical information. i spoke to governor tom corbett at a rally. he


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